Tacna Baptist Seminary – Ten Years On!

The part-time Baptist Seminary is situated in Tacna (a large, sprawling town near the border with Chile) and was established in 2000, two years after the full-time Seminary commenced in Moquegua.  There has, however, been a strong Bible teaching emphasis (TEE) for Baptist Missions in southern Peru since the 1970s. The Seminary continues to play a vital role in training future leaders for the churches and currently attracts around 100 part-time students.  John Brew (BM worker) gives more background to the work.

There had been several evening study institutes in the past, but they all ended due to the lack of teachers at certain times.  However, when the Baptist Seminary in Tacna began, it was led by Ken Scott, with a good group of both Peruvian and foreign teachers and a good administrative base.  As it has grown we have been able to add a Women’s Study Fellowship (firstly led by Jeannie Scott and now directed by Rosa Espinoza) and courses for pastors (directed by Silas Ramos).  In due course Ken and Jeannie returned to Ireland but there is still an active link with Ken who continues to supervise post graduate students enrolled with IBC.

Elizabeth Almanza is our administrator and, like Silas (Seminary Director) and Charles, Elizabeth is one of our graduates.

The Moquegua Seminary had begun extension courses for the churches in Puno, known as ‘Seminary at a Distance’ or ‘SaD’ for short.  These continue to run three times a year in three centres (Juliaca, Ilave and Yunguyo).  The SaD programme is now run by Charles Pecharovich.  Another aspect of SaD is that we offer grants for students from the churches in Puno to study full time in Tacna, though at present we have no one doing so. There are also higher level studies offered to those who have already graduated.

When we had full-time students, classes ran four mornings a week, including Saturdays and evenings.  We presently also offer classes on four evenings a week plus Saturday mornings plus the Women’s Study Fellowship on Tuesday afternoons.  There are classes on Bible Books on Monday evening and the Bible Hour, run jointly with Radio El Sembrador, is open to all. 

God has blessed us with ‘fit for purpose’ buildings, and a strong infrastructure, as well as providing good teachers and administrative staff.  We give Him the praise and glory for allowing us to serve his churches here in Tacna and throughout south Peru.

SOLI DEO GLORIA!                                                                                   

John Brew

Seminario Evangélico Bautista del Sur del Perú