Don’t you just love those before and after photographs? There’s just something about things moving from a less desirable state to a more desirable state that we enjoy seeing.

As we consider the ministry here in Galway, we see many interesting and encouraging ‘before’ and ‘afters’. For instance, each Saturday night a small team enters into an empty local national school. There are no chairs, no sound system, no tables. Then, amazingly, after an hour or so the whole school is transformed: classrooms become Sunday School rooms; the sports hall becomes a meeting room, etc. A national school is transformed into a gathering place for God’s people.

A typical Sunday gathering

Or consider that specific gathering of people itself. It wasn’t many years ago that any given Sunday might find 20 or 30 souls gathered in worship. Those were days when we prayed for increase. Today, however, finds a typical Sunday gathering of around 120 assembled. Some are old, some are young. Most are believers, but some are not. Some have come for the fellowship, some because they long to worship in song or through the Scriptures. It is God’s faithfulness that has bridged the gap between the before and the after.

The way that God has grown His Church in Galway is an incredible before and after. We have been on this journey in Galway for almost a decade now and are rejoicing to see God moving in visible ways. Of course, we always believed that He was moving. Many times in the past, however, we couldn’t always detect exactly what was going on. Today we see Him drawing in families, singles, young, and old - drawing them into relationships with Himself and His people. We are seeing lives transformed through the Gospel: brokenness mended, hurts healed, and difficulties relieved.

God is causing people to progress in their faith

Even more than that, however, God is causing people to progress in their faith. We speak of our church as a gathering of Jesus’ followers moving forward in the journey. As God moves, we are seeing disciples made. Our people are beginning to take an interest in their friends, family members, and neighbours who do not know Christ.

As we continue moving forward in obedience to God’s call, we are specifically praying that God will raise up leaders among us. As we continue to grow, we need others to come along and take the reins of leadership. This is especially true in the children’s ministry. Just four years ago we had about 7 children in the children ministry. Now we have around 70. Talk about a before and after! Please pray with us that God would raise up godly men and women among us who would take an interest in shaping the lives of kids.

We are also praying fervently that God would provide us with a bigger space. We love the national school in which we meet, but it is getting to be a tight fit. As the school grows, and we grow, we are finding that it is becoming more and more difficult to manage. God is gracious in helping us to creatively make use of the space we have, but we have a long-term desire for something more permanent. Please pray with us to that end.

God is good, isn’t He?

He continues to move among His people in Galway. Our prayer is that we would be attentive and faithful. Please join us in that prayer. After all, we each currently find ourselves in a before picture. We are, each of us, in the process of becoming something else - and hopefully, by God’s Spirit, something better. Where will we be in ten years? What will the after picture look like? Only God knows. But as we dream about what we could become tomorrow, we pray that we would be faithful today!

Onward and upward!

Report by Jason Post (Galway)

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Galway Church 2005

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