2014 marks the 13th evangelistic calendar that we have produced and this year around 62,000 will be given out in almost every county on the island, from Antrim to Kerry and Dublin to Mayo. Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues all look forward to receiving their Bible calendar!

In December 2012 I was Chairing the final Board meeting of the year at Youghal Communications Ltd. (the Company that runs the radio station in Youghal). I thanked my fellow Board members for all their work during the year and offered them a calendar and a Christmas CD they could take on their way out! However, one of the other Board members stood up, picked up the calendars and CDs and handed one to everyone in the room! Nobody was leaving without a calendar! It is all about getting to know others, building trust and becoming identified as people who believe the Bible.  Then we can speak about the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage others to read the Scriptures.

The radio programme and the calendar at Christmas have been two great ways of doing that in Youghal. We have used verses exclusively from Mark’s gospel this year and thanks to helpful co-operation from Craig Dyer and the team at Christianity Explored, we have included a page offering people an opportunity to join a course or something similar in their area. Over the years, calendars have made their way to Australia, Canada, England, the U.S. and even as far as India!

Our aim has always been to make them colourful and attractive, but with the primary focus each month on the verse from God’s Word. With almost a quarter of the year gone already, will you commit yourself to pray that every month, the Spirit of God, will take the Word of God and make someone into a child of God? 

Imagine all the spiritual birthdays that might appear in 2015! 


Article by Mervyn Scott - Baptist Missions (Youghal)