How many of us have spoken the following phrase to our children… Be patient, let’s wait and see!, as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do?

It is a quality which escapes us all and time and time again I confess to wondering how much my patience has really developed over the years.

Often we “lose patience”, even with God, but as I sit and write this article which Joanne has been patiently waiting for I realise that as we wait patiently or impatiently on God’s plan, more often than not, He shows us that His love and gentle leading always surpasses our impatient and imperfect ideas. His Word frequently reminds us of the need to wait on Him…with what result? Among many other things, our strength will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31) and our ability to then do what He wants us to do will be greatly increased. It has been said that waiting time is never wasted time and I believe this is so true if we allow God to always be control!

Our faith has been tested                                                                              

As a family, over the last two years, our faith has been tested, but also strengthened as God has revealed His perfect plan to each of us. At times being patient has been painful, exhausting and even heartbreaking, but the blessings we know now have far outweighed any of the frustrations. His strength has enabled us to praise Him for all that He has accomplished in and through us. As a family we rejoice, for example, in Rebecca having reached the final stretch of her marathon studies. She has been tempted to give up on more than a few occasions, but in the same way that God presented this amazing opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate programme in Lima, He has been her strength too. Thank you to so many of you who have been praying for Rebecca; praying her through the migraines, the homesickness and the enormous challenges of the past two years. Her final exams will be over before you get to read this and she will be waiting patiently for her results and for God to reveal the next stage of what university course she will take, and where!

God has promised to bless

Andrew also finishes another school year in December and 2014 will be his final year of studies here with us in Ilo. He too faces a level of uncertainty…what next? However, as I mentioned at the beginning, God has promised to bless whenever we leave our lives in His hands and wait for His direction. We praise the Lord that as Rebecca and Andrew grow and mature in their walk with God and as we all try to be patient and trust in Him, I’m reminded of Naomi’s advice to Ruth when she told her to sit still until you know how the matter will fall.

It has been thrilling for us as parents to see how God has answered prayer for both Rebecca & Andrew. As well as helping Rebecca with her studies, God has also provided opportunities for Rebecca to grow spiritually through her involvement in the worship group and outreach work in her church in Lima. Andrew has taken a very clear stand for the Lord in school and has been a wonderful support too in the new church in ILO, NUEVA VIDA (NEW LIFE). God always answers prayer…not always according to our time-scale, but always according to His PERFECT will and purpose.

A new church here in the Port of Ilo

This was a lesson we had to learn as we sought His direction in establishing a new church here in the Port of Ilo where we have been living now for the past 16 years.  After two and a half years of praying, searching and waiting on God’s timing, HE answered our prayers and provided us with just the right place to rent. After a month of cleaning, painting, purchasing furniture and installing equipment, we officially opened this new work on 31st August. There was an air of excitement and joy as we thanked God for a place to meet and as we welcomed our friends and colleagues to attend the beginning of a new work. We praise God that already, after just a month of meeting together, we see a level of commitment and interest in the things of God, as well as a hunger to hear and understand God’s Word. A core group of 30 regularly attend each week on Sundays with a smaller group meeting for TIEMPO CON DIOS (time with God) which is our weekly Prayer and Bible Study each Wednesday. At the beginning of October we began a weekly meeting for young people every Saturday and the Sunday School for primary school children has also started, after a special training day led by Roberta Sherlock (CEF). At the beginning of November there is the annual Ladies Conference at the Camp Centre in Ite and already we have a group of enthusiastic ladies wanting to attend this event, after which we hope to begin a ministry for ladies in the church.

Waiting on the Lord

In family life and in church life, we have been learning again the importance of being patient and waiting on the Lord! God has been leading us and helping us face a series of new beginnings. There are undoubtedly many new events ahead, the known and the unknown and times of joy and times of sadness, but God reminds us that as we keep looking to Him and following His lead….

“He will renew our strength” (and vision and confidence!) and enable us to run and even “fly” as we see His plan unfold for each of our lives and for His work.

Thank you for being a part of all the emotions of the last two years. We have appreciated so much your love and interest, your financial support and encouragement and, especially, you praying us through the days whenever we so needed God’s strength and help. As each of us seek His will for our lives, let’s be patient, let’s wait and see!


Article by Christine Morrow (Baptist Missions - Peru)