Brian & Moira Dorman

As the 1980’s drew to their close, Brian Dorman was finding himself increasingly conscious of a call of God to serve Him in evangelism.

Time at the Irish Baptist College and marriage to Moira Richmond preceded his first missionary activity abroad.

Brian and Moira left for Peru believing that the rest of their working lives would be in service to God there.

Brian’s God-given natural aptitude for mingling comfortably with all kinds of people, had often found expression in children’s work.

Moira’s training and expertise complemented this leading to a work in La Pampa among children which would eventually see a church come into existence in that area of Ilo.

No-one foresaw the sudden health crises which saw both Brian and Moira needing treatment at home and heart by-pass surgery for Brian.

As the impossibility of working in Peru again became obvious, an opening for their evangelistic burden opened in Athlone alongside Dominic and Carol Montgomery.

It was another situation well-suited to Brian’s love of children’s work and his ability to create Gospel opportunities out of social contacts in the community.

Building on what was happening south of the border, Brian developed the RIB (Reaching Into Belfast) idea as a way of helping the churches in difficult areas of Belfast to determine what forms of evangelism they could attempt.

The Dormans began work alongside their home church in Great Victoria Street and then in Antrim Road.

Brian had no apparent fears as he entered all parts of the community, made himself known and began to sow Gospel seeds wherever he went.

Other very successful outreach was done alongside churches like Bloomfield, Cliftonpark and Ballygomartin, and Brian was rarely happier than when relaxing with unconverted men from those areas who found him easy to identify with. As they played pool, drank coffee, breakfasted in Ikea, went bowling and had the odd men’s weekend away, Brian had the privilege of seeing many conversations lead to a sharing of Christ and evident new births.

His final years of service with Baptist Missions have been in a similar role on the Shankill Road.  Many establishments on the “Road” which rarely have ever had Christian witness in them, became places where Brian’s smiling face was familiar, and his invitation to the “drop-in” accepted.

Brian does not just leave behind him some great memories – but a squad of people able and willing to keep the witness alive and well in the future.


Trevor Brock - Pastor Great Victoria Street, Belfast



Brian will be greatly missed at Shankill Community Fellowship. The men who attend the 'impact' club on will miss his friendly banter, wise counsel, Godly example, helpful attitude and of course his burnt toast!! 

The Kids at Malvern school SU and 'One Way Club' will miss his enthusiastic attempts to get involved in all sorts of activities and his inimitable way of telling Bible Stories, and teaching choruses and memory verses. His fancy dress costumes at the holiday Bible Clubs and other events were always a talking point.

He will be missed out on the 'Shankill Road' where he was a familiar figure who was not ashamed of the Gospel and engaged in personal conversation with shopkeepers, barmen, shoppers and anyone else who would listen. He was an innovative evangelist who was prepared to use all means to win people for Christ.

He will be missed at the drop in where he never got tired of being beaten at pool and where he easily turned the conversations to spiritual things.

He will be missed as a valuable member of the Baptist Missions Team. His contributions to our prayer times, Bible Studies, Sunday Services, Team meetings and driving the bus will leave a massive gap in our ministry. Please pray that God will raise up someone to fill that gap in the days to come.

Derek Baxter - Shankill Community Fellowship

Brian Dorman