The Youghal church was three years old on June 5th.  Like all young churches, we are not without our growing pains! Individualism is rife in our 21st century world and it has infected us as believers too! In the midst of problems, pressures, and people pulling in different directions, by “the grace of God”, we are seeing the Lord Jesus building His church in this needy area. We are surrounded by thousands of people who know very little of “the grace of God” or have any real understanding of the “God of grace”, as revealed supremely in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for those He has saved and who are going on well as believers and are serving in the church, but we long to see a real spiritual break though in the lives of local people and their families.


Every day, God brings opportunities our way to point people to the One who came to save and redeem the lost. Recent highlights have included our annual witness at the Youghal Medieval Day and another fantastic week of gospel sowing with a team from Coaching4Christ. Five years ago, when they came, people were suspicious but in August past, we had around 140 children every day at the soccer camp, listening to the gospel being explained. Pray for real and lasting fruit from this week. We are really grateful for the partnership of Coaching4Christ.

Good conversations.                                                                                                 

We distributed around 3,000 “4YOU” gospel magazines over the summer, and had some good conversations on the doors. We have finished the work on the 2014 gospel calendar. We aim to offer one to everyone in the town and surrounding areas. Every Sunday at 5pm, we have the opportunity to cry “Behold the Lamb”. In the past couple of years, we have been asked to take funeral and memorial services as people turn away from the traditional church. Yet, with all the seed that has been sown, at times it can be very discouraging to see so little fruit. However, we trust that, by “the grace of God”, He is often at work when we least expect it!

Please continue to pray for us: for the team here in Youghal, for the young church and for the lost all around us. We don’t know what the future holds. We look to the One who alone knows and trust in Him to keep plodding on.  HOW will it be done? You got it - by “the grace of God”!

Article by Mervyn Scott -Youghal