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God is continuing to bless us on the Shankill Road. We have had an exciting year in many ways but especially through the kids’ work.  We thought a few months back that Scripture Union (in Malvern Primary School) was going to have to end.  We met every Tuesday afternoon and were down to 2 kids one day… when we decided to change to lunch time… the first meeting we had61 kids!! Amazing…the kids really grasped the Amy Carmichael story so much that parents were stopping me on the Shankill Road asking “who is this Amy Carmichael?  My wee girl never shuts up about her!”  Lesson learnt – sometimes we think time to give up – maybe God is saying “time to change!”  We praise God we have heard of many children who have come to know Jesus this year but also to see their wee lives changed for good!

Our aim through going into Malvern Primary was to get to know the parents of the community and staff of the School and, again, God has heard our prayer and helped us to do that!  We can say we really fee

l comfortable at the school, and it has been great being able to give out a few bibles to the staff and to pray with them and for them at times.  We have had a sad year too – losing Roy, the caretaker, who we really did get close to and I believe Roy accepted Jesus into his life.  Again it was a privilege to be there for the kids and staff and, of course, Roy’s family – knowing that God is their only hope.  We praise God, after Roy’s death, that we heard that his daughter-in-law committed her life to Jesus.

‘Old fashioned Sunday School Trip’

We have got to know a group of parents who are always around the school – and God has blessed us with their friendship.  It was great to see them at out “old fashioned Sunday School trip” where we had 91 on board heading to Portrush for the day.  A great time to build on relationships and friendships that we’ve started.  Not one negative comment has come through… just that we have to leave earlier next year and come back later.  It was lovely to see us all together having fun and love.  Only God could do that! 

On our Hearts

God has put the Shankill Estate on our hearts and He has allowed us not only to get into the Estate but into these lives which are very fragile and broken.  Please pray for us as we share God’s love.  God is working – and we can see evidence of this.  Pray especially for one parent, Mary, who got saved last year and is now coming faithfully to SCF.  She finds it difficult at times to be an example where she lives but she is shining for Jesus – and people are seeing the difference.  Pray that many more will shine like Mary.  

Much more has been happening - drop in, impact, Zumba, Sunday morning service, small group bible studies, home groups!!


Sunday school trip

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