The basic ethos of the SaD programme (Seminary at a Distance) is to bring the benefits of a bible college training to those who cannot easily attend one of the existing centres in Tacna or Moquegua. At the moment that means those who live in the various provinces of Puno and also Ilo.

The programme has a double emphasis. Firstly the formation of distance learning centres in strategic provincial centres where students can study on a part time basis through intensively taught courses (over 2 or 3 weekends for example) or using other distance learning materials. This part of the program is designed to suit church leaders who have work and family commitments for whom full-time study would be impossible.

The second arm of the program is the provision of a limited number of grants so that students from these outlying areas can come and study and receive practical training in Moquegua on a fulltime basis. Full time students receiving a grant, receive their food, board and tuition without charge during the 9 months of the year that the seminary has classes. They do not receive any cash in hand or help during out of term time.

It is anticipated that students will study for one, two or three years depending on their ability and the time they have available and that at the end of this time they will return to their own communities and local churches . Obviously this part of the program is targeted principally at younger people who are more flexible and do not have the same home and work responsibilities.

I believe that with God's blessing these two branches of the SaD programme will combine to make a real impact upon the maturity, stability and vision of churches across south Peru