Richard & Fany Roque


Richard & Fany Roque


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Pastoral work and evangelism

Work summary

Ite Church

We began our work there in March 2012. ITE is a village dedicated to agriculture and livestock.  The work of the Lord in Ite is not easy and we have faced new challenges as well as opportunities to share God’s Word.  It has also been a challenge to understand and empathise with the real needs of different families and especially their need to hear God’s Word. There are also many opportunities to show God’s love in practical ways. However, it has to be said that many are still very “hard of heart” with regard to spiritual things, but we believe God is able to change hearts and lives. We thank God for the times we have been able to visit different families and share God’s Word… this has thrilled us and been a huge encouragement.

We thank God for a good group of children and young people and we trust and pray they can continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. There is also a number of adults now who are more faithful in coming along and we do see God’s hand at work in their lives.

 Baptist Centre – Valle Azul (Camp Centre)

For both of us it is a blessing to be involved Lord's work and in September of this year we began living at the Camp Centre and supporting the work there, on a part-time basis. I am in charge of overseeing everything in terms of the maintenance at the Centre and my wife, Fany is responsible for the area of Public Relations. The Centre is a fantastic place to work and it has been a place of great blessing to many people since its opening in 2007. 


In 1995 I was invited by my cousins to church in La Pampa and after three years, in April of 1998, I gave my life to the Lord at Mission that had been organised the Evangelical Baptist Church (Ebenezer) in Ilo.  The following year I was baptised and I became one of the first members of the Church.  I had the opportunity to study first in the Bible Seminary in Moquegua and in 2010 I thank God that I was able to finish my studies at the end of 2010, at the Bible Seminary in Tacna. I faced many obstacles along the way, but I thank God that He never left me.

In September of 2007 I participated in the first Misión Rescate Team and Fany was also a member. She is my greatest joy…a humble person who loves and worships God with all of her heart and that was what impressed me most. Fany was a member of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Tacna.  After a year on the Misión Team I had the opportunity of working as a co-worker in the Baptist Church in Ite for a period of almost two years, alongside Trevor & Christine Morrow.

I should say that after a year and a half of dating, Fany and I decided to get married in 2010. We have now been married for just over two years and all of this time God has been managing our lives in an incredible way, and has been preparing us and calling us for his work, but it took a little time for us to hear and respond to His voice calling us.  After our marriage we went to live in Ilo and during the next year we decided to prepare ourselves more for the Lord’s work by serving in La Pampa alongside Pastor Mario. We were involved in the children's, ladies and youth work and I also had opportunities to preach.


My name is Richard Roque Apaza, I am 28 years old and my parents are called Eduardo Roque Sandoval and Apaza Maria Aguilar.  I have 2 brothers and 1 sister who are called Edgar, Mary, Edwin.  We all are from Puno. We arrived down to the coast at Ilo in 1993 and my whole family settled in La Pampa, then a large shantytown situated above the Port of Ilo.  I am married to Fanny.  


• For God’s help so that we continue proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

• For those who are coming along to the church that they, by God’s grace, might remain faithful to His Word.

• For those who have come to faith, that they might be discipled and grow and be faithful witnesses to their families and friends.

• For our work and Ministry in the Camp Centre... that we might also learn to balance the different areas of work

• And finally, that the Lord would continue to watch over us spiritually and physically as He has done so faithfully up until now.