Mario & Herlinda Chuaricra


Mario & Herlinda Chuaricra


Peruvian Workers



Pastoral work and evangelism

Work summary

Mario is pastor of the Ebenezer church in La Pampa, Ilo.  He is involved  in Sunday services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, ladies', young people and childrens' work.  He also established an annex in the 24 de Octobre area, mainly children's work.

Mario is also President of the group of Baptist Churches working to form an Association in Peru.


As I was growing up I considered myself religious because I went on Tuesdays to the evangelical church and Wednesday to the Catholic Church! One day when I was about to go to mass in the Catholic church, my cousin, who was evangelical, said to me: “It is not right for you to go to both places at the same time… you have to make a decision.” The reason was clear…. in the Catholic Church I was learning virtually nothing, but in the evangelical church I was learning the Word of God. So, from that moment on I decided to just go to the evangelical church.

I went faithfully to all the meetings but I knew I was still missing something. The Lord was working in my life and I soon realised that I was a sinner and that the Lord loved me so much that He died on the cross in my place. I could scarcely believe that someone would have loved me that much… I certainly didn’t deserve it. However, on 24th December 1984 I gave my life to the Lord and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour and the following year I was baptised on 10th March.

Since then I began to serve my Lord with all the strength and motivation that He had produced in my life. I remember having such a passion for the things of God yet I didn’t realize that God was calling me into His work until the leaders of that church came to speak with me. They sent me to work in an area away from where I had been raised and it was then I realised that the Lord had a special plan for my life.

I then went to Lima where I became a student at the Bible seminary there. I remained there to complete my theological studies and so be better equipped to serve the Lord in His work.

The Lord then gave me the opportunity and privilege to serve the Baptist Church (Ebenezer) in Ilo. I am so grateful to the Irish Baptist mission for opening the doors to this ministry. I arrived here on 31st December 2000 and I have been the pastor there until now.

During this time the Lord has helped to become more and more involved in His work. There have certainly been times of difficulty and challenge, but he has enabled us to persevere. I am also grateful to Lord for the people He has put along my path, like Trevor Morrow, with whom I share the much of the pastoral ministry. He has known how to mentor me and encourage me to do things well.

In the church, I thank God that we have been able to make progress in the different ministries and see God blessing each one. I should also say that as a church we have been so grateful to the people in Ireland for all the financial support we have received over the years. Together with your practical help and prayerful support we have seen the work here in Ilo advance.

As a family we want to express our personal appreciation for all the interest and support you have shown us since coming to Ilo. It is our prayer that the Lord would continue to bless and use you all in the various ministries in to which He has called you… To Him be all the honour and glory. 


Mario is married to Herlinda, they have 3 children, Moises, Debora and Christine.


As a result of the challenges of ministry, it has been encouraging to see the church becoming more and more one of prayer.

As a church we are committed to evangelism, discipleship and a programme of regular visitation.

We have differing ministries amongst the children & young people in the church and also in our outreach work to an area called 24th October in La Pampa, Ilo.

We also have an important ministry amongst married couples which the Lord has been blessing.


  • For God’s blessing upon the preaching of His Word

  • For our focus on evangelism, discipleship & visitation

  • For the different ministries both in the Church and also in 24th October

  • For the work amongst children as well as the Young People

  • For the help & encouragement to the Married Couples group in the church