Elizabeth Almanza


Elizabeth Almanza


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Work summary

Elizabeth has worked in the administration of the Seminary since 2003.  

Her daily Seminary work entails inscriptions, archives, keeping records, photocopying and running the library. Besides being active in her local church in leading worship, she oversees the children’s work and the young people and she believes that what she does in the SEB is a ministry given to her by the Lord in order to serve. God has given me a certain trust as other Christians come to study. They share not only their experiences but their problems and I counsel them. Even unbelievers come and I share the Gospel of Christ with them. Some have gone as a result to my church.


Her church is Casa de Oracion (House of Prayer) Baptist Church in Tacna and she came to faith when eleven years of age. Elizabeth's real decision to follow the Lord, she confesses, happened on the 1st December 1995 while studying in university in Tacna. She studied Mathematics and Physics and graduated in 1998 with a degree of Bachelor of Education. 

Elizabeth is a graduate of both the Seminary and of the University of Wales, lampeter (Postgraduate Diploma in Theology), Elizabeth successfully completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Theology through the University of Wales and her Master of Arts degree in Theology in the University of Chester in 2011.


Elizabeth was born in Tacna in 1975.  Her parents are Marcelino and Jovita and she has an older sister called Janet and younger brothers Freddy, Julie, Jakelin and Joel. 


Elizabeth has enjoyed her studies in the newly formed SEB from 2000 onwards and her more-than ten years in her post in the SEB. She has felt it a privilege to teach in the women’s course in the SEB. Life is busy for Elizabeth as she helps at every level in her own Baptist denomination in Tacna, all the way from her local church to the administrative level of the 12 Iglesias Unidas Bautistas (The United Baptist Churches) of Tacna. Youth ministry, discipleship training and music are her main areas of responsibility. The churches are growing and she loves to work with her own brother Freddy Omar in mobilising and training leaders to evangelize.

Elizabeth states: God opened the door for me and I did not know what more he had in store for me. He continued to open other doors for me both in my church and in the SEB. I am so grateful to the Lord and for the help that came from his people. God always has plans for us and it is incredible to see how he works. He has led me into his service both here and in my church. I cannot wait to see what more he has planned for me ahead



Elizabeth is contemplating pursuing a Master’s degree in Administration. She believes this would help her to do her job for the Lord even better and she continues to be excited about what the Lord has for her in the future.