Deysi Lozano


Deysi Lozano


Peruvian Workers



Radio Team

Work summary

Deysi is key member of the radio team.  

I am part of the staff of the 'Music for All' programme at El Sembrador and am also in charge of programming which goes out live in the radio.  I help in 'The Bible Hour'.  



I was born into a family of six children.  My parents are Cesar Lozano and Elizabeth Baique de Lozano.  For some years our family had many difficulties mainly because my dad led a very disordered life.

A neighbour invited us to church and mum decided to take us.  I came to know Christ when I was eight years old and I was later baptised along with my mother.

After some years my entire family moved to Tacna.  We continued to pray for dad.  God is a good God, very good.  He hears the prayers of his children - today there is no trace of what my parents were when they were far from God.  

When God does a miricles he does it well.

I want to encourage you to continue extending the work of our Father God.  We are all born with a purpose - mine is to serve Christ. What is yours?


I am engaged to Walter Huichi.  I currently live with my parents and brothers and sisters.


  • For the Buen Pastor Church: work in teaching God’s word to children in five annexes (places in different parts of Tacna where we). 

  • For the work in the Vacational Bible School, a work organized by the young people of the Buen Pastor church. 

  • For my life, that each word from my mouth goes out seasoned with salt

  • For my health, my family

  • For my relation with Walter and our wedding.