Ruben & Rosa Mendoza


Ruben & Rosa Mendoza


Peruvian Workers



Director of the Radio

Work summary

Ruben is the Director and Production Manager for Radio El Sembrador.  His wife Rosa leads the Women's Study Fellowship in the Seminary.


I have worked in the technical side of communications (radio and television)   from my younger days in 1986.  I am grateful to God particularly that he permitted me to work in areas that helped me gain a profound understanding of radio work. In parallel with this I studied in the Baptist Bible Institute and served in youth leadership and pastoral work in my local church till 2006.

I married Rosa in July 1998 and on the 9th September 1999 my first son, Samuel, was born.  He is a special needs child as he was diagnosed as Spina Bifida. He was paralysed from the waist down, making it impossible for him to walk.  When he was 15 days old they had to put a valve in his head to counteract the hydrocephaly which was growing since the pregnancy and until today he has had eight surgical interventions (feet, legs, hips, gall bladder, etc). Thanks to God these surgical interventions have helped Samuel.

On the 1st of June 2004, my second son, Moises, was born. We are grateful to God for him as he was born without any problems and is great company for, and help to, his brother.

In 2006 I was invited by Baptist Missions to work in the Radio Project which now is a reality. The Radio ministry is such a good way to evangelise through the gospel messages and good music.


Ruben is married to Rosa, they have 2 children - Samuel and Moises.


For Samuel, who will have surgery this year.  Since they put the valve in thirteen years ago there have not been any problems. Now the valve is presenting serious problems and is not completing its function so intervention is urgently needed.

We are very grateful to you for your prayers.