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Quintin & Emerita Anco


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Pastoral work and evangelism

Work summary

Quintin Anco Parada, with his wife Emérita, is currently the Pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church “Word of Life” in the area known as Viñani in Conosur in Tacna.  More than 90% are immigrants, mostly from the Departmant of Puno, and they speak Aymara as well as Spanish. 


I was born in 1955 and I am the eldest of three in my family, having been blessed with two younger sisters. My childhood was difficult and we suffered much at the hands of my father who later abandoned our home. My mother had a number of health issues and as a result I had to go out to work in agriculture to help maintain our home. My mother recovered from surgery to remove a tumor and I then began my full-time studies again. At the age of 17 I found myself in the city of Lima and involved in things that were far from Christian.

On 11th May 1972 I was invited to an evangelistic campaign and at the end of the meeting I remember praying…. “Lord Jesus if you really exist and you have come to die for me and rose again to give me eternal life, then here I am. Please forgive me and change my life that I now give over to you.” Since that time, my life began to take another direction. The person of Jesus Christ through his Word and the Holy Spirit was, and is still, transforming me. I see the difference in my family, in my work and in my relationships and concern for others. A month of prayer followed my conversion which was an experience I had never had before. It appeared too good to be true… my Pastor helped me understand the new person I was in Jesus Christ and helped me to understand more of God’s Word. That same year I was baptized and got more involved in the church. I became a teacher in the Sunday school and later became the Treasurer and President of the organization “Ambassadors for Christ”.

At the age of 24 I began working as an electrician in a mining Company at Toquepala, near the city of Tacna. I also got involved in the local church there as a teacher in Sunday school. For four and a half years I was a member of the Assembly of God Church in Tacna before being called as the Pastor of the word of Life "Palabra De Vida" Evangelical Baptist Church where I have been serving with my wife and family for the past 11 years. God has blessed my wife, Emérita with three children and we thank God that they know Him as their personal Saviour. 


Married to Emerita Ananias Ocampos Cordova, they have 3 children - Mery Judith (just married), José Antonio (21) and Samuel Benjamin (17)


Counseling and Pastoral Visitation: There is a lot of poverty in the surrounding area where we live with a lot of social problems, as well as dysfunctional families. Drugs and alcohol abuse are the basis of many of the personal problems.

Youth Ministry: I lead this work, with the help of five others in the church.

Sunday school:  This has a group of teachers and five meeting rooms and at the end of each month we celebrate the birthday of children who have had birthdays that month.

Ladies Ministry: My wife Emérita is responsible for this ministry.

Senior Citizens Meeting: My wife and I share this ministry, which is always a blessing.




-      That we would be faithful in the work to which the Lord has called us

-      That God would bless each member of my family as we seek to serve Him

-      That God would bless the various ministries within the life of the church

-      That God would help us to have an impact in the surrounding area and that many would come to know Christ as their Saviour.