Maritza Casa de Souza


Maritza Casa de Souza


Peruvian Workers




Work summary

Responsible for Baptist Missions legal administration in Tacna.


In 1995 my sister Ana and her husband Joshua begin a new business in Tacna. I had finished secondary school the previous year so when they asked me to come with them to Tacna, I didn’t think twice and in April of that year I arrived in Tacna, to the house of Javier and Rosa (then a pastoral family).  The first rule (well, for me it was a rule) was that I had to attend church so I had no alternative, I had to go.  For a long time I had to do it as an obligation more than my own initiative.  In August of 1996 a group of brothers and sisters from Chile arrived at the church to take an evangelistic campaign for a week.  One of those nights I had an encounter with God and received Christ in my heart.  In November of the same year I was baptised by Pastor Humberto Guisa.  That Sunday (the day of the baptism) in the morning I will never forget it. The water in the baptistry came up to our knees but that day there was a power cut.  It seemed that someone did not want us to be baptized, but I was very happy because everyone knew the step of obedience which I had taken.  My mum made a visit from Lima to Tacna just for me.  Since then I have become involved with the children’s work in my church.


I am married to Sebastio de Souza and their daugher Kassia was born in April. I have 3 sisters Ana, Yenny and Doris and my mother lives in Lima.  


Pray for the safe arrival of our first child due at the beginning of April.  We trust in God that he has a special purpose for us and our baby.  We have left everything in his hands and I pray each day that he would help me to live a day at a time and so fulfill what he has prepared for us.