Elisario & Esther Vargas Pacohuanaco


Elisario & Esther Vargas Pacohuanaco


Peruvian Workers



Pastoral work and evangelism

Work summary

I had often thought of studying at one of the Bible Seminaries in Bolivia, but God had other plans. A missionary called Ken Scott asked me about the Baptist Seminary in Tacna where I then studied for four years. The Lord blessed me and gave me even more opportunities to serve in the church, especially amongst the young people. Many of these young people are now married and most are involved in leadership in different churches.

While I studied at the Baptist Seminary I met my wife, Esther, and after we were married I was called as pastor to the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Tacna, where I served for two years.  In 2011 we received a call to pastor the Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) Church in Tacna where we are trusting in God’s grace to make us a blessing.


Halfway through 1998 my life was in such a difficult situation that I contemplated suicide. However, through listening to God’s Word on a local radio station I learned about the meaning of repentance and what it was to give your life to the Lord. I continued to listen to God’s Word every day, wanting to know more and more but was still a bit confused because I had been brought up in the Adventist religion. I realised that despite having 'religion' in my life, I was still miserable and began praying each night, asking the Lord to show me the correct way. After hearing someone preaching in the open-air that God was calling sinners to repent I knew that God was showing me the correct way. I was hungry to hear more of God’s Word and the Lord guided me to a Baptist Church where I remained for a number of years.


Elisario is married to Raquel who is in charge of the Sunday School in the church.  They have two children - Abdiel Caleb (two years old) and Damaris Esther (five months old)


  • That the vision of the Church for each member to win at least one other person for Jesus Christ will be realised.

  • For the “Pan de Vida” Church as it plans expansion into a new area to shares God’s Word there

  • That God would provide according to all the needs, both in the church and also in the family