Raul & Elizabeth Sanchez


Raul & Elizabeth Sanchez


Peruvian Workers



Radio El Sembrador

Work summary

Since May 2007 I have worked as News Producer, where my job was to produce local programmes and the following programmes continue on air and have been a blessing for many people:

  • 2007 "Youth to the Rescue" and "Music for all"

  • 2008 "Through History"

  • 2009 "News Summary" and "The Hour of the Bible by Radio"

  • 2010 "Youth Expression".

As a journalist, I produce programmes, conduct interviews and prepare reports and as Public Relations Officer, I am in contact with the general public and private institutions and churches of Tacna. This year, in 2012, I have the honour to preach the Word of God (a study in John’s Letters) in "The Hour of the Bible" programme each Monday evening. 

Elizabeth and I are in charge of the Youth Work in our church as well as being Sunday school teachers. In March 2012, I received the invitation to work as Director of Mission Projects amongst young people in the South of the Peru; an invitation I have accepted with great responsibility and gratitude.  The greatest challenge is to form leaders who will be fully committed to God, His Church and also to evangelism. We need leaders who will be good examples for others and who also be a support for their pastors. 


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and with specialties in journalism and public relations. On November 27th 2010 I married Elizabeth Cruz, who is a chemical engineer by profession, and our son Santiago was born in September 2012. We are members in the Manantial de Vida Baptist Church in Tacna.

In 2006, Ken Scott invited me to collaborate in the Radio Ministry in Tacna and I was in charge of the programming on the internet before beginning work as News Producer.


Married to Elizbeth.  Son Santiago.


  • To keep working hard and saving so that my wife and I can buy a site upon which we can build our own home

  • That the radio would become financially self –sufficient and if the Lord keeps me in this ministry that I would continue to know His help and direction.

  • "The one who has no dreams, has no vision for the future". My next goal is to do a Doctorate and graduate by the time I am 30!

  • To be able to count on a team of youth leaders, properly trained and committed to missionary work.


  • For my work in the Radio - that God would be my Helper in everything I do.

  • For my studies - that God may help in my thesis so that I can graduate soon.

  • For the youth work - that God would grant me wisdom, patience, faith, and love.

  • For my parents - that God would bless them with good health and give them many more years’ together.

  • For my in-laws - that they would accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

  • For my family - that God would continue caring for our baby.

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you so much for taking time to read this short profile.  

From Tacna in Peru, I say goodbye with much appreciation and assure you that "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24: 15