Andrew & Ruth  Reid


Andrew & Ruth Reid




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Pastoral work and evangelism

Work summary

In the summer of 2012, twelve years after arriving in Spain, the Reids moved location to Catalunya in the North East. For the previous eight years they had been working in Algeciras, in the very south where Andrew had been pastoring the Cristo Viene church. Andrew has now begun working with the EET, the Evangelical School of Theology, which belongs to our partners the Federation of Spanish Independent Evangelical Churches. The School is primarily a distance learning school, teaching to degree standard via a sophisticated internet platform. Andrew now teaches different subjects including Evangelism and Apologetics via this medium. However his main role is to develop a whole new package of intensive weekend courses to provide ongoing in-ministry training for the pastors and elders of the denomination. Many of them have secular jobs and cannot undertake full-time study.  There are particular critical needs and perhaps top of the list is the need for training in expository preaching. Andrew is developing training in this area both for the Federation and also in an interdenominational project linked to Langham Preaching. Ruth is a full time mother and homemaker but in Algeciras had developed a wide circle of friendships especially with non-Christian mothers and is keen to do the same in this new location. She is currently attending weekly classes in the Catalán language which is not only spoken here but used as the only medium in the schools and is investigating the options for ministry offered by our new local church.


Andrew was born into a missionary family in Spain, whereas Ruth is a Belfast girl, born and bred. They met as students at Queen's University and during that period both of them became members of Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast. Some time later, after both of them had worked abroad, Ruth began five years of ministry amongst students with IFES Ireland. Andrew worked for three years as Assistant Pastor in Windsor and in Hamilton Road Baptist Church, Bangor. For each of them this time of ministry provided invaluable experience in itself and also good preparation for the future. They were married in 1994.


Naomi, Ana, Reuben & Matthew


The children love the beach in the summer and the boys go to swimming lessons in the winter. The girls go to piano. Having moved to Barcelona makes following a particular football club even more of a priority than it already was. Andrew is at his happiest with a book – particularly historical novels – and Ruth loves a good night´s craic with friends!


  • The first annual conference of the Taller de Predicación (Preaching workshop) linked to Langham preaching happened 21-24 January 2013. The project is now in its second phase launching preacher´s clubs across Spain.

  • The offical launch of the ongoing in-ministry training for pastors and elders should be at the National Assembly week in June 2013.


  • For us as a family as we continue to adapt to a new location, culture and language (Catalán).

  • For Ruth as she seeks to define her role within the constraints of a particularly busy daily school timetable.

  • For Andrew that the new training ministry might be effective in helping to form a generation of leaders for the churches.