Andrew & Rosalia Elliott


Andrew & Rosalia Elliott




C/0 The Baptist Centre 19 Hillsborough Road Moira BT67 0HG


Associate worker - church work and evangelism

Work summary

Both Andrew and Rosalia are involved in working with the Renacer (Rebirth) church in Algeciras. Andrew is an elder, working with two other Spanish elders, in the overall leadership of the church. Rosalia has special responsibilities for coordinating the social care ministry, and also helped develop a growing children's ministry in the church.  In addition, both seek to be involved in personal evangelism, which includes church events, but also visition, sharing with friends etc.


Andrew was born in Belfast, and moved to Edinburgh with his family when he was 14. He returned to study languages at Queens University, Belfast and, after graduating, Andrew joined OM. Rosalia is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After graduating from seminary, she worked in missions in the interior of Brazil and then moved overseas. They both worked in ministry in different parts of the Arab world. After marrying in 1999, they then moved to Spain, working with OM's North Africa team. During a sabbatical year in 2005-2006, they decided to leave OM, in order to focus on church based ministry. This opened the doors to a partnership with Baptist Missions.


Rebecca and Natalie 


Andrew enjoys reading, especially historical novels. Rosalia is very artistic; enjoys painting (although has little time for it); card making; and photography. Rebecca and Natalie like getting out, especially to the beach, and both enjoy music and love animals.


1. The church hold a 'Reading Club' every month and through this have contact with kids and their families.

2. We have a ministry to distribute food, received through a local food bank, coupled with visition to needy families.

3. Last year, we began house groups, which are for Bible study and fellowship, but also evangelism.

4. The church regularly hold special evangelistic outreaches, especially around Christmas and Easter.  Also, over the past two years, it has hosted teams from Ireland, who have helped especially with Holiday Bible Clubs.


Please pray for unity in the church.  We have seen a small overall growth in our membership, but sadly with some older members choosing to leave.  Please pray for our witness in our immediate neighbourhoods - San Bernabe & La Granja, as well as a growing desire to begin outreach in neighbouring towns (Alcala de los Gazules & Benalup) that currently have no evangelism.