Trevor & Christine Morrow


Trevor & Christine Morrow




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Church Planting, Counselling, Teaching English and Directing a Christian Camp & Conference Centre

Work summary

After arriving in Peru in 1992, Trevor and Christine spent their first three years in Moquegua; teaching and administration work among missionary children, as well as preaching and teaching in the Moquegua area. A new church-planting work began on the outskirts of Moquegua with the assistance of the Central Church, which has known God's blessing to the present day. In 1997 another new work began in Ilo and again God has blessed this effort and there is now a thriving Baptist Church in La Pampa, Ilo. In 2002, God led Trevor & Christine to the village of Ite, approx. 35 minutes drive south from Ilo, and they have had the privilege of seeing another new work begin there. This work has been difficult for lots of reasons, but again God is at work and lives are being changed for His glory. Ite is also the site for a new Camp and Conference Centre which is "home" for various ministries and a resource for churches and other groups in the South Peru.


Trevor trusted the Lord as his personal Saviour when he was a teenager. Some years later he was baptised and became a member of the Baptist Church in Cookstown. After a serving ten years as a Police officer in N.Ireland, Trevor sensed God's call into full-time Christian work. Christine committed her life to the Lord at the age of seven. In her teenage years she was baptised and joined Cookstown Baptist Church. After she completed her teacher training at Stranmillis College, Christine taught in two different Primary Schools in Newtownards. Trevor and Christine were married in 1990 and became members of Newtownards Baptist Church. After being on a Baptist Missions Summer Team to Peru in 1991, they both sensed God's call to work there and so began their service with Baptist Missions in 1992.


Rebecca and Andrew 


1. Develop the church-planting work in Ite

2. Build and administer the Camp & Conference centre in Ite


1. Trevor and Christine's daily walk with the Lord Jesus

2. Good health, safety in travel & schooling for Rebecca and Andrew

3. The different ministries at the Camp Centre

4. Opportunities to share God's Word with all ages

5. Spiritual growth amongst believers in Ilo and Ite